Academic Generation Tech-You-Topia

Academic Attainment


Fostering Academic and Technical Skills Attainment

A primary consideration for businesses and corporations seeking to relocate a current facility or open a new one is the availability of skilled labor. This is especially true with regard to knowledge-based industries. In terms of building wealth, providing opportunities for career advancement, TYT will support the instruction of other skills, more in demand in our present technology based economy including robotics, 3-D printing,

 Using a combination of face-to-face, distance learning, and a blended environment of both, Tech-YOU-Topia will offer a broad instructional curriculum of instructional modules and classes. The learning management system (LMS) Sakai will be the unified platform through which all content delivery will be provided. These programs will lead to professional certifications in areas such as cyber security, solar panel installation, electric power grid maintenance, computer programming, and many more.






Others will provide college/university credit applicable to starting a degree program or completing a degree that was previously begun but never completed. Because curriculum offerings will fulfill specific needs of the local communities and its citizenry, the skills, certificates, and academic degrees produced will be immediately available to meet existing local needs as well as developing a skilled workforce that will serve as a lure for technology based businesses and corporations to relocate within these areas.


In order to provide local citizens the training required to enter the workforce as skilled tradespeople, skill development in the traditional trades will also be supported at the Tech-YOU-Topia Centers. For example, opportunities in welding, plumbing, electrical grid workers, solar panel installers, etc. will also be available.