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Cultural Exploration & Fulfillment


Cultural Understanding and Appreciation

One of the reasons that young people leave small rural towns is to be able to experience various aspects of cultural diversity that were generally not available to them in the small communities in which they were born and raised. Equally important is the preservation and celebration of the local culture.

Tech-YOU-Topia Centers will provide these opportunities by supporting cultural events featuring ethnic foods, movies, art installations, music, lectures, festivals, and educational opportunities. For some local residents, this at home experiential learning may be all that they wish to engage in. And that is perfectly fine. For others, this safe way to try new things and meet new people could result in a passion to further expand their boundaries through travel and additional in place programming. 






With the ubiquitous technology environment centered in the Tech-YOU-Centers, opportunities to engage in digital media such as music, 2D and 3D art installations, and videos will be near limitless.  As food services become available within the Centers, ethnic food festivals and celebrations of holidays held by peoples of other cultures will be featured opportunities for the local populace to participate in fun, joyous and educational events with the goal of experiencing diversity and building cross-cultural bridges. 

Tech-YOU-Centers will be seen as safe and welcoming local cultural centers where people can learn to appreciate diversity as a strength and differences as a resource.