Built Environment

Built Environment



The Built Environment
Including Cultivated Land

One of the goals for every Tech-YOU-Topia center is to reflect local ownership. The Tech-YOU-Centers will be designed to be visually appealing and welcoming. Each Tech-YOU-Topia Center will, by its specific design, reflect the local history and culture of the local citizenry.

In that way, people will see themselves within each Tech-YOU-Topia center and embrace the facility and programming provided as coming from within the community, not from without. This is key to the success of the appeal of Tech-YOU-Topia centers.

As a result of local cultural flavor, no two Tech-YOU-Topia Centers will be identical, furthering local pride in their center and drawing people to the welcoming environment of ‘their’ center.





Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility: climbing wall, exercise equipment, a game room with pool table, foosball table, and similar items will serve as community builders. 

Rural America represents the overwhelming majority of the landmass of the United States. As a result, stewardship of the land and environmental protection of the land based resources is an ingrained historic quality for those who chose to build a life in places that began as frontiers of expansion.