Inter-Domain Linkages


CConnecting the Seven (7) Tech-You-Topia Domains:
Three (3) Inter-Domain Linkages

The seven fundamental domains describe the primary areas of scope required to provide a comprehensive integrated solution to the issues facing rural America. In addition, there are three (3) inter-domain linkages that provide a contextual philosophy for how the domain constructs can and will be achieved.

Without these three linkages, the domains of Tech-YOU-Topia will not function to adequately achieve the significant goals planned for any community project.

Each of the three is discussed in detail below.

1) Personal Satisfaction & Fun 

While filled with technology and programming, at their core, Tech-YOU–Topia centers are all about people: educating, training, enriching, mentoring, supporting, and promoting. Therefore, it is essential that all people associated with each local Center, including administration, staff, students, guests and occasional and frequent visitors, find satisfaction and joy as a direct result of the interactions and outcomes of their involvement at a Tech-YOU–Topia Center. To fulfill our mission, the full TYT experience will focus on achievement of short and long-term goals, celebration of incremental learning, personal attention, responsiveness to local and individual needs, providing a safe and welcoming environment, and helping all TYT participants achieve success.


2) Excellence in Communication

Success in virtually all human endeavors is a direct reflection of clear and concise communication. After generations of students being educated at all academic levels, excellent communication skills remain a core value and desired outcome. In this global society, successful individuals must be more comprehensively communicative than ever before. This includes basic language skills, adequate vocabulary including applicable special terminology, and graphical data displays.  The success of the planning, coordination and outcomes of this comprehensive and complex solution will be determined by the ability of people to communicate.


3) Long-Term Sustainability

 The absolute key to the success of developing local Tech-YOU–Centers is to guarantee the long-term viability of the center(s). This sustainability will be achieved through multiple means. First, each Tech-YOU-Center will attain fiscal sustainability through the leveraging of the resources provided to attract a steady revenue stream. Growth of foot traffic, as represented by Tech-YOU-Topia center staff and community participants/learners will provide opportunities for small service sector businesses including food concessions, crafts, local products and financial services.

Local and regional businesses and corporations will support the educational programs in order to produce skilled employees utilizing a local ‘grow your own’ methodology. These raining programs, which will lead to certificates and academic degrees, will reflect the specific needs of the local community such as electric grid maintenance, solar panel installation, cyber-security technicians, supply chain management, nurses and nurses aids