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Ronald Toll


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Chuck Speicher

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Tech-YOU-Topia Network, Inc a 501(c)(3)

The Agile Fractal Grid (AFG) PARTNER

The Agile Fractal Grid

AFG is a technology company that provides integrated cyber security services for governmental agencies and private companies and corporations with emphases on protecting electric power grids by embedding dynamic, real-time resilience control systems and increasing the efficiency of electric power transmission and utilization. AFG’s worldwide leadership in cyber security is based on its creation of a ‘Community of Practice’.

Tech-YOU-Topia Network

TYT, purposefully designed as a ‘platform of platforms’ to provide a comprehensive set of solutions that address the multiple needs of rural populations, functions as a national, best-in-class integrator, innovation center, entrepreneurship accelerator, education and skilled training provider, social gathering place, health and wellness promoter and cultural appreciation facility. 

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