Ubiquitous Technology Tech-You-Topia

The Core Domain  Ubiquitous Technology


Provision of a Ubiquitous Technology Environment

This new century is based on the digital revolution that began at the end of the prior century. Broadband wireless, where available, brings with it nearly unlimited access to communication, information, data analysis, and business opportunities. As compared to just a decade ago, a person’s age is no longer a proxy for the so-called digital divide, defined as between digital immigrants (older Americans who grew up prior to the advent of widespread digital technology) vs. digital natives (younger Americans who were born into a post personal computer and digital world). Now, geography and socio-economic status serve as the arbiters as to the degree of digital connectivity available to any citizen. By direct extension, these same two factors control the size of the digital skill set that any individual can accrue and use to elevate their marketability as a member of the global workforce.


After more than two decades of broadband deployment, the equivalent time of a human generation, broadband access remains largely concentrated in metropolitan and suburban areas. This differential deployment is reflected in areal coverage, transmission speed, level of technology and provider availability




The provision of ubiquitous technology is absolutely essential to achieve significant and substantial goals related to reinvigorating the vitality of the academic, economic, social, cultural and personal wellness enterprises across the American Heartland.   

The core domain of Tech-YOU-Topia speaks directly to the establishment of a ubiquitous technology environment including implementation of the full breadth of currently available digital capabilities. These capabilities fall into several categories: communication; information; analytics; micro-manufacturing/fabrication; research and development; security; and individual holistic health and wellness. Every one of these areas of technology is dependent upon a single, underlying, essential platform: high-speed broadband.


Tech-YOU-Topia will provide high-speed Internet connectivity to the governments, businesses, schools, faith-based communities, and individual homes in the rural Heartland. This is completely doable because the provision of high-speed broadband will be directly coupled to the deployment of a fiber-optic backbone associated with the cyber security-based hardening of the rural electric power grid.


Tech-You-Topia will provide a full inventory of analytical software applications including Microsoft Excel, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), and MathLab (plus others TBD).  These standard analytical packages, supplemented with other more specialized programs as required based on local demand, will deliver high-powered analytical capability equivalent to that available at colleges and universities and governmental research facilitities.



Tech-You-Topia centers will provide state-of-the-art micro-manufacturing capabilities modeled after Makerspaces, collaborative workspaces that are open to a wide range of people from school children and college students to entrepreneurs and established businesses. Tech-You-Topia centers will provide access to low tech tools such as common hand tools, soldering irons, sewing machines and welding equipment as well as high-tech capabilities including 3-D printers, CNC machines, and CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing) software running on networked computers.


Agriculture, Holistic Health and Wellness

One of the fasting growing areas of technology is remote sensing.  In one form, remote sensing includes various technologies from real-time telemetry of the surface of our planet derived from satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the Earth to small data recording devices placed under the soil in order to monitor various soil (edaphic) conditions including temperature, drainage/moisture, and pH.  However, remote sensing and telemetry has been shown to have great potential to expand medical and health care applications, especially in rural locations where health care providers are in limited supply.  For example, EKGs can be submitted remotely to specialty care providers to monitor conditions in real time and provide emergency responses to patients in medical crisis.  Remote telemetry can also be used to monitor patient compliance with regard to taking medications on a regular basis and provide electronic wellness checks for persons with chronic medical conditions.


The key to success for many businesses, in particular manufacturing and high tech, is the ability to proceed through a rigorous R&D cycle as part of proof of concept, patent development and submission process, and product commercialization. 


As a cyber security integration company, The Agile Fractal Grid has a keen interest in assisting rural communities to harden their infrastructure with respect to cyber threats.  This includes, but is not limited to: the electric power grid, health care facilities, broadcast media producers and banking.  Highly trained cyber security technicians are essential to a comprehensive cyber security solution.  As a state-of-the-art, high tech facility, each Tech-You-Center will be ideally positioned to facilitate and participate in the training of local residents to serve their own communities in these important roles.  This ‘grow your own’ workforce development program will be a powerful model, incentivizing young people to enter new positions in technology and provide opportunities to retrain older workers for re-entry into the knowledge-based workforce marketplace.