The Tech-You-Topia Network
A national constellation of locally owned and operated
Tech-You-Topia Centers that create new businesses to
provide novel  and innovative services to the global marketplace.


Tech-YOU-Topia = Technology +YOU + Topia


TECH - A dynamic and sustainable fabric built upon fun and a rewarding future for individuals, communities, and our national economy maximizing the collective power of

YOU - By promoting local collaboration and national networking to build interdisciplinary teams that combine insights and experience to find and share sound solutions to real needs and problems.

TOPIA - Implies that we begin realizing our ideals here and now. To be "Topian" is to act as if the world we envision as ideal already exists and we are among its first citizens.

The Core Domain Ubiquitous Technology

Tech-YOU-Topia provides computational power typically only found in industry, research centers and universities
Communications, Analytics, Rapid Fabrication ‘Makerspaces’, Research and Development, Security, and Wellness.

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Revenue Generation

New Business Models Support Economic Growth and Diversification

Tech-YOU-Topia is serious about creating an entire new cohort of rural entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs who will serve as role models to peers and resources to small communities

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Academic Attainment

Gaining Marketable Skills, Earning Certificates, or Learning for Self-Satisfaction, Knowledge is the Basis for Personal Growth and Prosperity.

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Social Engagement

The Fundamental Human Drive to Gather and Interact

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Cultural Exploration and Fulfillment

The Arts, Music, and Theatre Nurture, and
Enrich Our Lives

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Holistic Health

Supporting Wellness in all Dimensions of the Human Condition

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Built Environment

One of the goals for every Tech-YOU--Topia center is to reflect local ownership.  The Tech-YOU--Centers will be designed to be visually appealing and welcoming and each Tech-YOU--Topia Center will, by its specific design, reflect the local history and culture of the local citizenry.

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3 Inter-Domain Linkages

These linkages Unite and Reinforce the 7 Primary Domains of Tech-YOU-Topia.

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