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Tech-YOU-Topia Supports Economic Growth and Diversification in Rural America

Tech-YOU-Topia is serious about creating an entire new cohort of rural entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs, who will serve as role models to peers and resources to small communities.  In order to provide a further incentive, AFG/TYT pledges to award a $1,000,000 grant to the first high school student who, in association with one of the Tech-YOU-Topia centers, generates $1,000,000 in gross revenues within a 12-month period based on a business venture they developed and implemented (funds from sources other than any grant award associated with the current proposal). We look forward to the opportunity to make good on our pledge.

Our Why Behind this Promise

Never before in the history of the United States has the American Heartland faced such an overwhelming economic challenge. The enormity of the issues facing rural economic redevelopment demands that the technological capabilities widely available to suburban and urban citizens be made equally available to rural Americans. Fostering economic development is fundamental to advancing rural development in all of its dimensions. TYT will function as an entrepreneur accelerator and innovation center catalyzing and supporting the activities of future business developers, owners and employers and create in-place start-ups.

Ironically, rural communities were built and thrived, in part, because of a strong, intrinsic, entrepreneurial spirit that contributed to the establishment of successful local businesses and sustainable multigenerational family farms that began with the original pioneers who first tamed the land and cared for it as a cherished resource.

In this digital technology century, successful entrepreneurism is heavily dependent upon digital technologies. These range from simple social media marketing of local products to technology start-ups based on intellectual property associated with new computer applications and a huge array of other business opportunities.