Tech-YOU-Topia Network
Who We Are
& What We Do


Our Vision 

To create a dynamic organization of independent, locally owned and operated, revenue generating, financially viable and sustainable community centers that support economic development through investing in people, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

To fundamentally energize local and regional economic development, with special emphasis on rural America, through the development of a networked constellation of local centers (Tech-You-Centers) that support a ‘Platform of Platforms’ approach to empower people and communities to grow and excel.  The Network will provide support to each local Center in the form of cutting-edge ubiquitous technology, a rich and diverse partner ecosystem and a set of novel and disruptive business models.  As such, the TYT Network will provide near limitless opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurialism.

To fulfill our vision and mission, the TYT Network will work to achieve the following, specific objectives:

  • Identify and assess the unique set of assets, needs, opportunities and goals that make each community unique and use this information in the design of each Tech-Y-Topia Center;
  • Embracing the understanding that all TYT Centers will share structural similarities, but no two (2) will be identical;
  • Empowerment of local communities to maximize their existing assets to advance their economic development goals through innovation and experimentation;
  • Steadfast adherence to the understanding that achievement of broad-based economic development, from the local to the national level, requires the support of human needs in the areas of education, holistic health, social interaction, cultural awareness, artistic exploration, and diversity and inclusion;
  • Support the individual TYT Centers, and the TYT Network overall, by providing connectivity, communication, and ubiquitous technical support as well as the sharing of lessons learned;
  • Create and maintain a network-wide learning management system (LMS) that supports skill and academic credential acquisition, curation of artifacts in multiple media, e-commerce, and expansion of the Network;
  • Utilize a partner ecosystem, consisting of a broad array of businesses, corporations, governmental and quasi-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and not-for-profits to bring value to the TYT Network through collaborations, joint ventures, and strategic investments;
  • Pilot new and disruptive business models in select locations within the TYT Network, that have the potential to be replicated and deployed in a sustainable manner across the Network;
  • Support the sustainability of the TYT Network by the training of a self-perpetuating lineage of professional and technical persons able to operate, maintain, expand and improve the systems and practices that provide for the smooth functioning of the Network;
  • Pursue all opportunities, at the local, regional, national, and international levels, to grow and expand the network;
  • Continuous engagement in the process of grant proposal preparation and submission to appropriate organizations and agencies for the purpose of acquisition of funds to enhance the mission of the Network.

Tech-YOU-Topia Networks, Inc (TYT)
is the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) partner of The Agile Fractal Grid, Inc (AFG)

The Agile Fractal Grid (AFG), is a technology company that provides integrated cyber security services for governmental agencies and private companies and corporations with emphases on protecting electric power grids by embedding dynamic, real-time resilience control systems and increasing the efficiency of electric power transmission and utilization.

AFG’s worldwide leadership in cyber security is based on its creation of a ‘Community of Practice’, an international network of nearly 200 hardware and software technology companies that design, implement and manage unique collaborative solutions to complex problems.


Programmatically, Tech-YOU-Topia was purposefully designed as a ‘platform of platforms’ to provide a comprehensive set of solutions that address the multiple needs of rural populations ranging from economic development to holistic health.  Further, the presence of TYT Centers in the heart of local communities serves as the gravitational force drawing together a diverse team of teams organizational approach that is focused, rigorous, yet remains dynamic and highly adaptable.

In brief, TYT functions as a national, best-in-class integrator, innovation center, entrepreneurship accelerator, education and skilled training provider, social gathering place, health and wellness promoter and cultural appreciation facility.

In order to achieve this demanding and comprehensive set of goals, Tech-YOU-Topia is built upon seven (7) essential principles (domains) that collectively serve to meet the needs of people everywhere, but in particular the citizens of the American Heartland, where basic infrastructure and associated innovation are lacking.

These seven (7) domains are:

  1. Provision of Ubiquitous Technology (the “Core” Domain)
  2. Generation of Revenue/Economic Development
  3. Attainment of Academic and Technical Skills
  4. Support of Positive Social Interactions
  5. Cultural Exploration and Fulfillment
  6. Adoption of personal and community Holistic Health
  7. Consideration of the Built Environment (including natural and cultivated lands).

To ensure consistency, viability, and relevancy for the full mission and vision of Tech-YOU-Topia, three (3) inter-domain linkages, that function as a set of thematic objectives, connect the seven (7) domains.

These are:

  • Personal Satisfaction and Fun;
  • Excellence in Communication; and
  • Long-Term Sustainability.

Operationally, TYT functions as a nation-wide, networked constellation of local centers, ‘Tech-YOU-Centers’. Each Tech-YOU-Center is a physical place located in the heart of a rural community, and is reflective and supportive of the culture, needs, and aspirations of the local populace.

In effect, each Tech-YOU-Center ‘belongs’ to the local community with respect to its design, appearance, function, programming and sustainability. While they are all similar, what happens within each Tech-YOU-Topia Center, as well as their ‘look and feel’, is a unique reflection of the local community in which it is located.

Each Tech-YOU-Topia Center will serve as a beacon for positive and transformational change and the gravity that brings people together to achieve that level of change.

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